Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fun little gifts

Today's painting adventure at Stella Niagara was combined with some fun for Valentine's Day. Painting and chocolate and yummy desserts!!! What could be better than that? It was a great day to celebrate art and friendship and sweetness and the color red.
Celebrating the color red and sweetness
The project for the day involved brooches and card sized paper. We could pick one or two brooches and then create a small scene in which the brooch could be pinned right onto the painting.

For my first painting, I chose a brooch that was in the shape of a cup cake. Since it occupied a fairly large portion of the paper, I decided to go a little less realistic with my picture. I turned it into a still life, with a stuffed bear and a Mardi Gras mask. Here is the card, with the brooch:

A Valentine in watercolor and marker

For my second card, I choose a brooch that was a little bottle of champagne. I decided to put the bottle on a shelf with other wine bottles. But then I thought a shelf with wine bottles might be kind of boring. So I added something that you might not expect to see on a shelf of wine bottles. Take a look!

Meow! Um. I mean. Shall I knock these bottles off the shelf, one by one?
These little painting are now on display for the next two weeks at Stella Niagara.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Bear's Tea Party

Now that it's winter, even bears prefer to have their tea parties indoors. So this bear, oddly enough a vivid shade of orange, was ready for a tea party. But first, she had to pose for her portrait. So here she is, with tea pot and tea cup and a nice rug on which she could sit (she doesn't really like chairs).
The Bear's Tea Party, painted at Stella Niagara. In the Stella Niagara cafeteria, there is a lovely collection of tea pots and little tea sets that kids like to use for their tea parties