Thursday, December 20, 2012

Modern Art Afghan (reuse, recycle, reinvent)

I decided to make an afghan with yarn that was left over from previous projects and yarn that people had given to me. I chose to use the same pattern for each square and to not make two squares identical. And so, the fun began.
I made the afghan, one square at a time, and pieced them together as I made them. I was not concerned about matching the squares to each other as each was outlined in white and clashing colors would not touch. After I had crocheted for a while, I realized that I had a great variety of yarns and that I could play with textures, too. I also realized that each square told its own little story with color and texture.
Here are some pictures of the afghan:
here is a corner with the border

mid section

a closer view of the corner

a variety of squares... none identical

This is the modern art afghan.

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