Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exploring abstraction

When I started this blog, I was doing an on-line art class through Strathmore Online Workshops. The workshops are free, although the purchase of Strathmore papers is greatly encouraged. They produce some good artist papers and visual journals, so that is not a bad thing. Strathmore offers three workshops per year. Each workshop lasts for a month and includes four instructional videos. The topic and medium for the workshops is determined by the instructor.

This month, the first of these workshops has started. It is called "Abstract Fine Art Painting with Mixed Media," and the instructor's name is Robert Joyner. He is a professional artist now, but he used to be a ballroom dance instructor. He likes painting roosters. I've never thought of painting roosters but, when I spent some time learning Spanish in Guatemala, I was regularly awakened by roosters. I didn't think of painting their portraits because I was so annoyed by the wake up call. I was wickedly thinking of turning them into soup. But I digress. And how. I went from abstract painting to ballroom dancing to soup...

Anyway, I watched the first video twice. I was clueless the first time. Abstract is not my specialty. But today was the day. Time to paint. I got out my collection of media and played with paint. My goal was just to have fun. So I drew a picture of my right hand (I usually draw the left but I wanted variety in my painting life). Yes, I drew it with my left hand and, no, I'm not left handed... nor am I right handed... just somewhere in the middle.

Here goes... the hand!!!

Can you tell that I am eager for the start of gardening season? I'm grabbing hold of all of those leaves!


  1. I think you are off to a great start. Painting with the non dominate hand is a great way to paint an abstract.I have downloaded the videos and PDF's, but haven't started painting yet as my studio is too cold to work in without using a heater. I don't like to do that with all of the flammables and the extra cost of electricity! I signed up to follow you, I hope you will follow mine too!

  2. Wow - painting with your left hand to go more abstract is an amazing idea - one I'd never thought of and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it yet! Thanks for starting the forum about blogs - have spent the morning blog hopping happily because of it! Love your writing style - most entertaining.