Monday, September 23, 2013

summertime at Beaver Island State Park

At the end of July, Terry Klaaren came to visit Grand Island. He offered anyone who was interested the chance to take an art class, with him as an instructor. I was happy enough to jump at the chance. Last year, Terry designed a mural, and I was able to help with the painting. That was great fun, so I figured that the painting class would be fun, too.
There were three students. We went to Beaver Island State Park and set up our chairs. Terry provided us with the canvas boards and with the paint and the paintbrushes. I have to admit that acrylic paints never used to be my favorite medium but Terry showed me how to use them to create a representation of the world that I saw around me. He showed me how to blend the colors to get a background that looked distant, yet real.
I finished the underpainting when I was at Beaver Island State Park. Fortunately, I had taken a photograph of the scene so I was able to paint in the details later, at home. Above is the finished painting, which I had framed. 

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  1. I especially like the cloud-work which is, I know, often difficult. And I like the balance and perspective overall. The light green I thought a little bit too light and a little bit too green, but when I moved back a couple of feet the shadows and dark contrasts emerged and made a great (positive) difference than the close-up view, You are quite the artist!