Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Community Mural Project!

Last week, I helped to paint a mural. The artist, Terry Klaaren, is a professional artist who has painted a wide variety of murals that can be found outside, in schools, and in other venues. The mural that I got to help work on is located on the side of a building in the Grand Island Plaza. The mural really transformed a building that was almost to the point of being an eyesore. The series of pictures in the murals depict local history and, thus, are attractive and tell a story at the same time.
Terry's wife, Dori, instructed me in the finer points of painting on the side of a building. She told me how to handle dripping paint and how to use a dry brush technique. It was fun and interesting and very different from the type of work that I normally do.
On Saturday, October 13th, Grand Island celebrated its first Taste of Grand Island. During that time, the mural was unveiled, so to speak. I don't think that the mural was ever covered up. It was, I suppose, presented. When I arrived at the Taste of Grand Island, the unveiling had already been accomplished. Terry handed me a paintbrush and asked me to sign the wall. A young girl asked me if it was OK for me to write on the wall. I said, yes, the artist handed me the paintbrush and told me to do so.
The former eyesore is now a beautiful sight!
Here are a few pictures:
A work in progress. Portraits of three famous people connected with Grand Island: Red Jacket (a leader of the Senecas), Charlotte Sidway (educator), and Charles DeGlopper (World War II hero)

Here are a few of the scenes in the mural
This is the section of the mural that I helped paint. I added mostly white paint... on the sailboats and on the water. I also got to play with green paint, and I painted in the lawn. It was a fun way to spend two hours.

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