Monday, October 22, 2012

Reuse, recycle, reinvent... part two!

I have belonged to a variety of email groups for a number of years now. One of the email groups that I belong to is dedicated to crocheting. It is a very special group to me because it is small and I have gotten to be good friends with the other members over the twelve years that I have belonged to this group, even though I have never met any of them in person.
Sometimes, we do mystery exchanges. We are given a theme and a partner and we can create an object, using any craft medium that we prefer. So we have gone beyond crochet.
This time, I signed up to participate in a mystery exchange with the theme of Halloween. Well, I love that holiday so I was thrilled to participate. My exchange partner was Grandma Mary, the grandmother of the "list mother," familiarly known as "Mommy Lois." The only rule concerning this exchange was that we could make or buy something but we could spend no more than five dollars.
These days, five dollars is not a lot of money for craft supplies. So I decided to create something with scrap material from other projects. I gathered up the material and looked it over. Then I decided that I would make a wall hanging. I had a few ideas: nighttime, a full moon, trees, a house, pumpkins, a pond... and I began to cut material and to sew pieces onto black felt until I got...
It was a dark and stormy night, at least in my imagination. Some of the material that I use includes felt, fleece (the corners that remained from a blanket making project), yarn, cotton fabric, sequins, a button, and beads.   

I mailed the wall hanging to its new home and found out a few days later that the wall hanging was at home with its new family, proudly hanging on the door.
It was a fun project to do!


  1. I remember a spring exchange in which you made the lovelies pastel drawstring purse, which I still have! Your work is craftsy, creative and stimulating. Thanks you for sharing.