Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tea time for Sweet Suzie Bear

Synopsis of Previous Bear stories: Bearnacle Bear took his ship to sea and was the unfortunate victim of a terrible storm. He was taken prisoner by the humans. Eventually, he escaped and was able to retrieve his ship and crew and return home. He had been away for so long that the crew, which found shelter on an island, had a whole collection of bear cubs. One of the bear cubs was Sweet Suzie Bear. Bearnacle Bear and his crew had been rescued by the Sea Monster and the Mermaid, who are usually quite elusive.
The bears and the humans later became friends. Sweet Suzie Bear grew up and went to art school in the Land of the Humans and later became curator of the Bears Art Gallery. Her most recent exhibit was titled "Modern Art Bear." It received positive reviews in the publications of bears, humans, and giants alike.
Later, Bearnacle Bear took a group, including Beartrand, the radio station bear, and Sweet Suzie Bear, to visit the Land of the Giants. Sweet Suzie Bear kept detailed journals and had a great time. Unfortunately, Beartrand Bear suffered from seasickness . I'm going to be a sailor, he wrote.  Let's not and say we did, he added later. 
Back at home, Sweet Suzie Bear enjoys a relaxing moment with a cup of her favorite tea and a jar of honey. She writes in her journal:

Ever since I returned home from visiting the Land of the Giants, I have been busy planning for the next art exhibit at the Bears Gallery. It is currently a work in progress. There will be a variety of art styles represented in the next show.
Also there will be paintings of Bearnacle Bear's and my visit to the Prince of Whales and to Mouse City. I will also share the tales of the mice, which they like to title "Mouse Tails."
To be continued.


  1. What a fascinating story! Are you writing a children's book? If, so I might soon be in the market for two! :)

    1. When I started doing my bear series in January, I was only planning on making a series of paintings with small stories for each one. Before long, the story had grown far bigger than I had anticipated. I think that, yes, I am writing a children's book and, after the next series of stories, will start looking for a publisher and/or agent.

  2. I've always loved teddy bears and still have a collection of them (even at my age of 57!) Your story is adorable. I have the same question about a children's book!

    1. We are about the same age and I have a magnificent collection of teddy bears. I photograph them everywhere. The answer to the children's book question is above.