Tuesday, July 7, 2015

your sketchbook... don't leave home without it

Today, I walked to the beauty parlor. It was a nice, toasty day, and the walk was delightful. I was still feeling happy from having seen an adult deer and a fawn running through the back yard. What beautiful creatures! So I walked. The beauty parlor is approximately three miles from my house.

I had a few errands to run. I figured that I may as well get more than one errand done while out walking. One of the errands was to go pick up a copy of the local weekly newspaper so I could see the article that I had written about domestic violence. Sure enough it was in the newspaper. You can find the article at training hairdressers to recognize signs of domestic abuse

After I picked up the newspaper, it was time to go to the beauty parlor. I had loads of time so I took my small sketchbook out of my purse and looked around for a magazine. Instead, I made a freehand adaptation of one of the pictures in a children's book. It features rabbits and scarecrows. It was a lot of fun. So... here's a rabbit and a scarecrow...


  1. Your sketch is so funny--reversing the roles of who is scaring who. Or what. You should apply to illustrate for greeting cards, your work is so good.
    Interesting about what signs a hairdresser can use to find abused women.