Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Bears Celebrate

Synopsis of Previous Bear stories: Bearnacle Bear took his ship to sea and was the unfortunate victim of a terrible storm. He was taken prisoner by the humans. Eventually, he escaped and was able to retrieve his ship and crew and return home. He had been away for so long that the crew, which found shelter on an island, had a whole collection of bear cubs. One of the bear cubs was Sweet Suzie Bear. Bearnacle Bear and his crew had been rescued by the Sea Monster and the Mermaid, who are usually quite elusive.
The bears and the humans later became friends. Sweet Suzie Bear grew up and went to art school in the Land of the Humans and later became curator of the Bears Art Gallery. Her most recent exhibit was titled "Modern Art Bear." It received positive reviews in the publications of bears, humans, and giants alike.
Later, Bearnacle Bear took a group, including Beartrand, the radio station bear, and Sweet Suzie Bear, to visit the Land of the Giants. Sweet Suzie Bear kept detailed journals and had a great time. Unfortunately, Beartrand Bear suffered from seasickness . I'm going to be a sailor, he wrote.  Let's not and say we did, he added later. 

The bears are back at home and are ready to celebrate their trip to visit the Land of the Giants before hibernation.
The bears are ready to celebrate their trip with wine that they brought back from the Land of the Giants. There is also sparkling grape juice and hot chocolate. The wine was given to the bears by the giants and are in bottles that are giant-sized.

Everyone laughs and sings and tells stories about the adventures of the bears in the Land of the Giants. They talk about making music by dancing on the giant pianos and about cookies that were the size of dinner plates. They talk about snowflakes that were as big as snowballs. As they talk and drink their beverages, they grow more and more sleepy, and they know that it is time to...


next bear story: Bearnacle Bear, Sweet Suzie Bear, and friends visit Mouse City.


  1. Oh, lucky bears. We of the Land of the Giants must endure the harsh winter, while the bears sleep contentedly. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. They are happy bears to sleep and enjoy such delightful dreams. They have much to look forward to when they visit Mouse City.

  2. I have three blankets that are much like sleeping in the fur of plush animals (search Threshold Microplush from Target) and feel very bear-like when I hibernate, if only for the night! Your little bears are adorable.

    1. The bears and I say thank you. I myself sleep under two afghans: one that I crocheted from scrap yarn and the other that was made for me by my email crochet group after my dad passed away. That one is called the comfortghan. I feel very loved when I hibernate.