Monday, March 19, 2012

Alice's tea party (without the mad hatter, march hare, and dormouse)

I had fun with mixed media as I made this tea party still life. I had made a similar one in colored pencil last summer when I was doing a month-long drawing project that I called the "teacup project." I drew the same teacup every day for 30 days. I had to place the teacup in all sorts of different settings so that I would not grow bored with that bone china tea cup.
This time, I used water color paint, water color pencils, calligraphy ink, and marker to make this tea set.
Mmmm. Earl Gray, hot.
Captain Picard had good taste.
It's tea time!!!!


  1. Hi Alice, well found this blog also, love seeing other artists work.

  2. Love the vibrant colours - and Earl Grey tea!

  3. Hi...I found you from the Strathmore site. I love finding out about new(to me) artists. I love this tea party piece!