Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here are some houses that I painted for Cathy Johnson's online watercolor sketching workshop. I am working to incorporate her techniques into my watercolor painting and, so far, am enjoying the results.
I frequently take walks along the river, and I see a lot of interesting things, such as birds and boat docks. This is one of the houses that I really like. I have photographed it and have done pencil sketches. This is my first painting of the house.
Here is another house that I enjoyed. No, I haven't seen it on my walks, but I like the shape of the house and the steps and the lamp posts.


  1. Love the purple house. Cool that you are working from the workshop. I haven't done much with it yet...I want to but I have to finish other projects first.

  2. Hi Alice, I'm over from your comment on Strathmore. I really like what you are doing with the much detail. I"m following and hope you will follow on mine too. I've got to get moving on that class. Just so many things to distract.
    Blessings, Coleen, an American in Ukraine