Friday, January 2, 2015

Bearnacle Bear goes to sea

Yesterday, Bearnacle Bear brought food to his cousin, Beartrand Bear, who was too busy working as a radio announcer to participate in the Bear Family and Friends New Year's Eve Party. 
At the small studio, Beartrand Bear and Bearnacle Bear toasted the new year with small glasses of the most delicious nectar known to beardom. 
"You know," Beartrand Bear said between sips, "you have never told me about your shipwreck. Weren't you captured by pirates or something?"
"Yeah, something like that," Bearnacle Bear said.
"Well, what about it? Tell your story. How about tomorrow? You can be my guest on my radio interview show."
"Maybe," said Bearnacle Bear, as he grabbed a large chunk of cheese from Beartrand's plate.
"Hey! Crook! That's my cheese!"
"I have a date tomorrow with Beautiful Beartha. How about next week?"
"Very well," said Beartrand. "Next week it is."
* * * * * * * *
One week later, Beartrand and Bearnacle were back at the radio studio. Outside, the sky was bright blue but the air was very cold. Both Beartrand and Bearnacle said that they were nuts for doing this radio program instead of climbing into a dark room and hibernating until the daffodils bloomed. Both yawned loudly but Beartrand was more curious than tired and Bearnacle was ready to tell the whole tale.
Beartrand began his story:
Three years ago, I had finally passed my sea captain test. As you know, I had been a sailor for a long time. I had been to great cities and tropical islands. I've fought against pirates and, once, I was forced to walk the plank.
But nothing prepared me for my maiden voyage as a sea captain.
I had spent a lot of time in a big city, where the food was good and the music was better. I went to dark rooms where I heard humans playing saxophones and clarinets and drums and the music sounded joyful and melodious sometimes and sad and even broken hearted other times. I drank glasses of nectar and, whenever I turned away, more nectar was poured. My glass was never empty and the music never stopped. I had a lady love and we danced and clinked glasses of nectar, and I believed that my good fortune would never end.
But I grew tired of the landlocked life after my lady love left the city. Her mother became ill and she had to go home to take care of her. At the time, I had no idea of whether or not I would ever see Lady Love. I felt closed in by the tall buildings. I wandered through the streets aimlessly, and I touched the bricks on the old buildings. The bricks were discolored, cracked, and altogether interesting. People walked past me, looking around them but seeing nothing. Their stares were empty, the words they spoke hollow.
Winter was coming. The sky had turned gray and the sun went away earlier and earlier each day. I had stopped walking. The sights were always the same; I could no longer find any newness in the big city. Alone, the city was no fun. I stopped listening to the music and I stopped drinking nectar at the music halls. The nectar did not taste real and the music had a hollow sound to it.
One day, I left the city and went to the cave where there were bears getting ready for hibernation. I decided to hibernate, to escape the winter, to clear the sadness from my head and my heart. I wanted an escape from the clanging and the smells of the city. When I woke up, maybe I would figure out what I would do that would get me back to the sea.
The hibernation was good. My dreams were pleasant. I woke up relaxed and hopeful that I could go back to sea. 
I studied for my captain's test, which I passed. Just barely, but passed is passed.
Not long after, I and my first mate stood on the dock, ready to get onto the ship that would take me on a great sea voyage.
I just had no idea of how great of a voyage it would be...
(to be continued) 


  1. I lived in the city my entire life and it can be really tiring just hearing the noise.

  2. I am back for the second day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I love the story of the bears and how the words pull me into the story. I also love the artwork. It is breathtaking. I can't wait to read more.

  3. LOVE teddy bears and creative writing - looks like I'll have to revisit this blog to read more!

  4. Thank you! The story continues tomorrow!