Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The island that time forgot

Synopsis of yesterday's episode: After escaping from the humans' prison and after fleeing their land in a boat that was not seaworthy, Bearnacle Bear endured yet another storm. He landed on an island and, there, was serenaded by a mermaid. Her song gave him hope that his crew survived the storm.

I walked on shore, soaking wet after the terrible storm, and went to seek shelter. I was relieved to be away from the humans and their prison so, even if I was on a tiny island far from home, I was happy.
I was, however, gripped by hunger. I found a tree and picked a few apples. After walking a little ways, I found a berry patch and picked blackberries and raspberries. It all tasted good, and I felt better.
Sitting near a cave and eating was good, but lonely. I missed my family and my friends and my crew. Images of having taken my little sister to the park to see the sculptures and to enjoy a delicious picnic filled my head. Now I was far away from everyone whom I love. But I had always known that being shipwrecked was a risk for a sailor, and I loved being a sailor.Although I was lonely, I was safe. Safe from the humans, who held me captive and who threatened to kill me when they first found me on their shore. They said that their shore was protected because pirates had attacked and had stolen from them and had killed their leaders. I said that I was shipwrecked and that it was an accident but they said that I was lying and that I was probably a terrorist because I looked like a bear. When I told them that I looked like a bear because I was a bear, they said that they would put me in prison and would then put me in a zoo, where I would spend the rest of my days, far from the sea and far from my home.
The humans were strange creatures.
The sirens were frightening creatures, maybe even scarier than the humans. It was because of the sirens that my big ship crashed and was lost. The poor bear who was to watch at night had not been warned that the sirens would lead him astray with their beautiful song. It was truly the song of doom.
I ate my berries and my apples and I wondered where my crew could be. I was sure that they lived. I wandered back to the shore. It was getting dark, and I had not found shelter. Would it rain? Would I be exposed to the elements?
The mermaid swam toward me and, as if she could read my mind, she answered my questions.
"Go to the other side of the island. You'll find everything you need there."
I walked to the other side of the island. Everything was green and aromatic there. I had washed up on the rocky side of the island. On this side of the island, there were birch trees, maple trees, ash trees, tulip trees, oaks, and sycamores. There were also white pine trees and cedars. The trees formed a canopy over my head. I then came upon orchards of apples and pears and peaches.
And then, I heard a voice. It was...
(to be continued)                                                        


  1. Interesting! Now who could it be?!

  2. I'm rooting for this little guy! Now if only we all could have a mermaid show up to answer all our questions and solve our problems. *looking for conch to blow in...*