Monday, January 26, 2015

Beartrand goes to sea

Synopsis of Friday's episode: The bears went into hibernation amidst the snow and wind and coldness of winter.

When the bears awoke from hibernating, soft little leaves had sprouted from their buds and the trees were covered with flowers. It was time for Bearnacle Bear to take another voyage with his crew. He had some guests who were coming along for the trip to visit the Land of the Giants. The guests were the human fishermen George and George Junior, the radio station announcer Beartrand, and the artist Sweet Suzie Bear.

An entry from the diary of Beartrand, the radio station bear: It has been four days since we left our homeland. Before we left, there was a big parade to celebrate our sea journey. Very few bears have ever visited the Land of the Giants. We only know about the Land of the Giants because of the shipwreck that Bearnacle experienced while on his first voyage as a captain.
I remember when I first met Bearnacle. It was shortly before I interviewed him. I had no idea that he was a sea captain.  I even thought that Bearnacle regularly stowed away on ships and that he was a petty crook. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, although, as it turned out, Bearnacle did stow away on a ship when he was a cub and he didn't want to go to school. So he wandered away from school one day and he saw a ship in the harbor with the gangplank down. He wanted to look at the ship and he walked up the gangplank and started poking around below deck. Before he could get off the ship and go home, the ship departed with Bearnacle on it! The ship's crew treated him like a mascot and, after that, Bearnacle decided to be a ship's captain. When he returned home after a short sea voyage, Bearnacle's parents were mad and his teachers were mad and his brothers were jealous!
Well, anyway, I never got to have such an adventure when I was a cub so I suppose that I should be jealous, too. But no. I don't think so. I'm happy with the path that I took. I always wanted to be a radio announcer. I loved all of the new music and I sang in a band. I didn't sing well. Mostly, I just yelled the lyrics. Mom and Dad kicked me out of the house for making all of that noise. They said that I could come back in the house when I wasn't singing, which would be dinner time because they knew that I wouldn't make such a racket when I was enjoying my food. They told me that I could start singing in the house when they started going deaf. I still can't sing and Mom and Dad are still not deaf.
They were happy when I chose talking over singing and they were happy when Little Sister Bearlinda chose singing over talking. She talked incessantly, even in her sleep, but she sang like an angel. She even joined the opera.
Anyway, that was all a long time ago.
Now the sea voyage. It's my first. I've never traveled in a big ship before. On my first day, I got sea sick. All of that rocking in big waves. I thought that the ship was going to tip over. I made the mistake of telling Bearnacle that we would probably tip over and he laughed and laughed. I'm not sure why that was funny.
Needless to say, we didn't tip over.
I am now used to the waves and to the ship moving this way and that. The scenery, though. That's a challenge for someone who lives totally on land. It's always water that reaches up to touch the sky. Every day, the water looks the same. Sweet Suzie Bear assures me that the water really looks different and that the color of the water reflects the color of the sky. I'm not sure that I see that. She sets up an easel every morning and she paints the sea and the sky. She says that they are hard to paint so she wants to practice as much as she can.
Her paintings look like sea and sky paintings to me. It doesn't look like she has a hard time painting them.
She didn't get seasick but, then again, she was practically born on a ship so she was born with what Bearnacle calls "sea legs."
I hear a bell so it is dinner time. One of my three favorite times of day! After dinner, we're going to have a dance, and I will be the emcee. What fun that will be.
Well, I'll write again later.


  1. Ah, Beartrand Bear seems to have the same talent for singing as I do!!!

  2. I'm with Beartrand... seasick!! The ocean is a wonderful place to find inspiration... from the beach. :)