Friday, January 30, 2015

Giant tales continue

Synopsis of yesterday's episode: The bears arrived at the Land of the Giants. They enjoy the hospitality of the giants, and then settle in to listen to the giants tell stories.

Continuation of Sweet Suzie Bear's journal: As Jack, the Little Giant, told his story, I saw that some of the bears were having fun with the large dishes and utensils in the banquet hall. They climbed into teacups and posed for pictures. They tried manipulating spoons and forks, and they all looked very silly. 
That was a fun time. 
Sitting on the ground underneath a tree was delightful. We heard the story of the Big Giant as we sat underneath the tree. It was a huge tree. I'm not sure of what kind of tree it is, but I think that it is an ash tree. A mountain ash, maybe.
The Big Giant related this tale:
My name is Bobby Allen. I've been wandering this land for many years. Even among the giants, I am big. There are stories that I eat the tops of trees as if they were broccoli, but that isn't true. Tree bark isn't especially tasty, even after soaking in a marinade for a week. I eat regular food, like the other giants, just more of it.
I spend a lot of time walking in the forests during the winter, when the trees are naked and the squirrels have fled. I step on the snow and it squeaks beneath my feet. The forest is where I go for quiet. There is a woman who lives in a small house in the forest. She is a human and not a giant, and she left the Land of the Humans many years ago because she wanted to live in the forest. She built her house from the fallen trees and she collects the apples that grow and she collects the berries and the nuts and the garlic that grows wild and the dandelions when they are young and she makes soups and she cans the fruits and so, she has more than enough to eat year round. 
The woman's name is Adelise. She plays the flute in the forest. The animals listen to her play, and they dance. I had heard about Adelise playing the flute for the animals but, until I saw her and heard her play the flute, I could scarcely believe it.
I've never heard flute playing like that. Adelise could coax the plants from the ground and she made the squirrels dance up and down the trees. But there was someone who didn't really like hearing the flute. He was a man named Oscar. He was either a very tall human or a very little giant. I don't know which. He was extremely grumpy. He went to live in the forest to get away from people because he said that he didn't like them. I saw him a few times when I visited the forest. He never bothered me much because I am such an enormous giant but he wasn't very nice to Adelise.
One day, Oscar stole Adelise's flute so that she could not play any more. Adelise was so sad that her flute was gone that she didn't do anything. She stopped taking care of her food and she didn't sweep her little house. She didn't go outside to visit the animals or to find water in the brook. The squirrels stopped dancing up and down the trees.
Oscar took the flute back to the cave where he was living. It was a small cave and very damp and kind of cold. Maybe that's why he got to be so grumpy. Oscar put the flute in a box filled with stuff that he stole from people in the city and people in the countryside. 
Oscar tried to play with the stuff. He pulled a yo yo from the box and played with that. He played with a deck of cards that was three cards short of a full deck. He played with some old seashells. He clanged the cymbals together with so much force that all of the animals outside of the cave scurried away. 
As Oscar was playing the the stuff, his attitude changed. He played and played and played and he realized that it was fun to play with stuff and, maybe, it might be fun to play with friends.
Oscar returned everything that he had stolen. He made friends with the squirrels.
Oscar never did learn how to play the flute. He returned the flute to Adelise.
Oscar began to sing the songs of the forest. Adelise played the flute. The animals came to listen to the music of the forest. One day, Oscar was not there anymore. Adelise looked for him, day after day. She walked away from her little house in the forest. She walked across fields and she climbed hills and she got into a canoe and paddled across a lake, but she could not find Oscar.
So she returned to her little house in the forest. The animals welcomed her. It was dark. The animals told her that the sun forgot to rise because she didn't play the flute. Someday, they said, Oscar would come back for her.
I met Adelise after Oscar had gone away. She asked me to share her story, and, so, I have. It is the story of how the little human and the big giant became friends, even though no one believed that little humans and very big giants could be friends.
Adelise reminded me to tell this story so that you would know that you can be friends with anyone, no matter what they look like, even if they are bigger than your house.
Now, I need to find some broccoli, so I will say good night.
With that, the big giant lumbered off. He footsteps sounded like thunder, which woke up Beartrand, who was getting used to solid ground again.
I think that I will make a painting here in the Land of the Giants.
Bye bye for now!



  1. It's been fun to follow the bear's adventures, now like the giant, I'm off to find some broccoli.

  2. Its nice that Oscar learned to play nice and make friends. Good post.

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  5. Ooh, I like what you're doing for your theme. :) Cute pictures to illustrate the story, too!