Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Home Again!

Synopsis of yesterday's episode: Bearnacle Bear and the crew are welcomed to the Land of the Humans when they bring George and Little George home. Bearnacle is even given the key to the city by the mayor. After a week of new friendships, it is time for the ship to return to the Land of the Bears.
We had a tearful goodbye with our human friends and we got into our ship and sailed away.
A few days later, we returned home. It felt good to see our own coastline. We had been gone for a long time. My parents looked older than I remembered them. Their faces looked tired, but happy.
We ate the best foods and drank our fill of nectar. We were serenaded by the Bearish Chorus, made of bears of all ages. It was a delight to hear all of the Bear music. We all sang the Bear Anthem together.
Late at night, I walked alone to the coast. I wanted to see the sea. It would be a while before I would go on another journey of exploration. For now, I was going to heal and enjoy home and family.
The sea monster and the mermaid were just off the coast, floating gracefully in the calm sea. The sea looked like a sheet of glass, reflecting the full moon.

The mermaid sang:
Sun and moon and stars
shine beautifully for you
they will never leave.

A cold wind blows through
and old leaves fly from the trees
they are swept away.

The snow flies sideways
underneath dark cloudy skies
of frozen winter.

Crocuses pop out
with pastel colors and light
World being reborn.

The sea monster added, "We are never far. You can see us when you venture forth again. We'll just say so long but never good bye."

And with a swish of the tails, both the sea monster and the mermaid were gone. Later, I told my friends about the sea monster and the mermaid and her songs but all assured me that I had probably enjoyed too much nectar.

Back in the radio station: Beartrand Bear said, "Well, that was one heck of a tale. Thank you so much. That suggestion of nectar was a good one. How about if I treat you to a glass or two?"
"OK," said Bearnacle Bear. "But I want to tell you one last thing before we sign off. I just want to tell you that Sweet Suzie Bear did go to the Art Academy in the Land of the Humans. She's the curator of our Art Gallery, and she's opening a new exhibit titled Modern Art Bear. Why don't you go there and do an on-site story?"
"Thank you, Bearnacle. I believe that I will. Now, how about that nectar?"


(Tomorrow: Sweet Suzie Bear and the Modern Art Bear exhibit)


  1. What an enchanting story! Looking forward to tomorrow's continuation...

    1. Thank you so much, Ruthanne. Time to attempt Bearish Modern Art, lol!!!

  2. Oh, I missed a few days, but I'm glad that Barnacle made it home safe and sound, I will still go back and read the missing pieces!

    1. Thank you, Vicki. This has been a great adventure for me, too. And now, to attempt Bearish modern art without turning it into Garish modern art, lololol.