Friday, February 17, 2012

Artistic Trading Cards

Artistic trading cards are about the same size as baseball cards. They are miniature paintings that you can trade with other artists. They were first made popular by M. Vänçi Stirnemann in 1996. He held card trading sessions in Zurich, Switzerland.
So, in the general scheme of art history, artistic trading cards are a new concept.
I first heard of them just a few weeks ago.
A few days ago, I cut up a few paintings that didn't quite work and made my first artistic trading cards, which I have sent away to "Anne in San Diego." She will send me six artistic trading cards made by other artists in exchange for the six artistic trading cards that I sent to her. The cards are sent in these handy dandy holders that are designed to keep the cards in place in the standard sized business envelope.
Here is the original painting:
This was originally a watercolor painting that I never completed. I added details by using a brush marker.
Then I cut up the painting into smaller cards. I also cut up at least one other nonworking painting to get six little cards. I used brush markers and water soluble wax pastels to create more complete paintings.
Here they are:
I adjusted this to make it look more like a city street with a leaning lightpost. Also, I added a windowbox to give color to the buidling.

On this painting, I added more detail to the tree, which had been incomplete.

I just added details to the outside of the building.

The trees and window boxes are an addition to this painting.

I wanted to make this into a typical city street scene so I added trees and details to the buildings.
I just added color with the water soluble wax pastels.
It was an interesting project. In the future, I'll try to get color copies of pictures that I do like and then paste the copies to card stock so that I don't have to chop up all of my paintings. I learned a lot from doing this project. Small can be beautiful.

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  1. They are even more fabulous in person!!! Thanks Alyce for participating!