Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beautful Bobbie

This evening, I was at the Riverside-Salem United Church of Christ's environmental chapel to hear Jon Rieley Goddard read from his new novel. It is a collection of somewhat connected stories that he wrote in daily blogging sessions over, I think, three years. His blog is at Baldy Blogs Well, his writing is entertaining, and he likes puns. That added to the fun of his stories.
I sat and listened to the stories and wondered if I should draw a picture while I was getting amused by all of those puns. I had a sheet of paper and a number two pencil. I had no idea of what to draw. Suddenly, I realized that I would like to draw a portrait of Bobbie. She is a sweet lady who says that, no matter where she goes, she is always the oldest person there.
As I drew Bobbie, I realized that I was looking at a very beautiful lady. As she listened to the story, she appeared to be very serene. Bobbie simply radates joy, and it was a pleasure to draw her portrait. After the reading, Marjorie, who was sitting next to Bobbie, pointed out that I had been drawing portrait of Bobbie. She wanted to see the picture. She showed it to Bobbie, who said that no one had ever drawn her portrait before. She wanted me to sign the picture for her. I signed it, photographed it, and gave it to Bobbie.
Here is Bobbie.
Bobbie listens intently to Jon Rieley Goddard's story. Later, she purchased a copy of his book.

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  1. It looks like you did a wonderful job and I'm sure Bobbie loved it!