Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Springtime girl

I spent much of the day at the dining room table, where I painted a green-blue background, added some stencils and the leaf stamps. This time, one of the stencils that I used was the top of a spice bottle. Well, the spice was gone but that little plastic top remained. I have a few of them. They have holes of various sizes. They eventually became bunches of grapes. Hunting through the house for objects that could be used as stencils has gotten to be fun, almost like a sport.
After I let the background dry, I painted the girl and added some collage. I used the collage pauge that Traci Bautista designed. It's pretty cool and it's glittery. So there are random glitter effects throughout the painting. I used whiteout to get that white outline effect. I also used water soluble wax pastels and brush tip markers. It's sort of like a cross between a marker and a paintbrush, and the effect is very nice.
This is the girl that I painted today. I wanted to "feel" spring, which is why I chose to use so much green, mixed with blue. I also wanted to stay with the leaf motif because it symbolizes the rebirth of nature. I would say that nature is being reborn after a long, hard winter but this winter has been very mild in my part of the world.

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