Tuesday, February 7, 2012

glam girl and horror movie girl

My last painting in the Doodles Unleashed workshop was done in two parts. The first part was to paint a colorful background, by using permanent markers and acrylic paint, on mixed media paper. Mixed media paper is this nice thick paper that will readily accept multiple layers of paint and/or dry media (colored pencil, marker, graphite, etc.).Also, I used stencils and handmade stampers to create interesting images in the background. I had chosen, as my theme for the series of paintings, the leaf. It reminds me of my love for gardening. The second part of the painting is to add parts of handmade collage paper, which get painted over to become part of the paper. Also, I painted in a stylized face. I did this project two times. The first girl looked like a character from a horror movie! The second girl is green and lovely, but sort of unearthly. It was a fun project, and here are the girls!
She is the green, kind of unearthly girl. The only reason that you would know that she belongs to this world is that she is surrounded by leaves of odd colors. On her neck are the words "feverish imagination." My teacher in journalism school once told me that I was possessed of a "feverish imagination." He was absolutely right!!!

This was my first painting. This girl is surrounded and covered by leaves. If she were a horror movie character, she would suddenly leap from a pile of leaves, screaming in a terrifying voice. This would cause the delightful feeling of fear that horror movie fans relish.

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