Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my sketchbook is my constant companion

Where ever I go, I try to remember to bring a sketchbook. There is always something to draw, and it is good to get regular practice at drawing. I try to draw just about any subject, just to gain the experience at having drawn something different.
So today, I was at the Lenten luncheon at a local church. These luncheons are served every week during Lent, and most of the churches in my town are involved in setting the tables, preparing and serving the food and beverages, providing the speakers, and cleaning up. The money that is raised at these luncheons goes to a charity of the host church for that week.
The church that I attend was the host church for this week. We had a fairly large number of helpers to set everything up. As a result, we were finished with the set up early. That gave me some sketchbook time. Today, I chose to draw a bouquet that was sitting on the table. I had a limited set of colored pencils and I added some color there. Later on, at home, I added more color to the picture to get shadows and some contrast.
Here is the bouquet:
This was done in colored pencil, with a little bit of watercolor pencil thrown in.

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